Ständig müde? Müdigkeit verringern in nur 7 Tagen

Constantly tired? Reduce fatigue in just 7 days

Our sleep and wake system | How LIEBEN helps | Fitter & more alert in 7 days | Help of course

The land of poets and thinkers - this is a common name for Germany. A study by the DAK suggests that we are also the land of the tired and exhausted.

More than one in four (43%) is tired at work. Almost one in three (31 percent) is regularly exhausted. That says the health report of the health insurance company DAK from the year 2017.

Years later, the fatigue situation in Germany has certainly not improved. Exhaustion and tiredness are constant companions for many.

constantly tired and listless

It begins in the morning when it is difficult to get out of bed and extends from the midday slump to the afternoon slump to the couch after work. From this you can only pick yourself up again to drag yourself to bed. The winter with its dark, dreary days does the rest and even aggravates this situation. Does that sound familiar to you?

But why is that? What controls the recurring or the constant exhaustion and tiredness? And what can you do proactively about it?

Here we want to give valuable answers to these questions.

Our sleep and wake system

At the heart of our wake and sleep system are two crucial hormones: melatonin and serotonin.

melatonin for sleep

Melatonin is a hormone that the body - more precisely the pineal gland in the diencephalon - forms when it gets dark and produces more and more in the course of the evening and night.

Most melatonin is produced between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., after which the melatonin level decreases again. Melatonin is broken down relatively quickly by the body.

Because melatonin also reduces body temperature and blood pressure, lowers energy consumption and makes you tired, it contributes to the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle and is therefore also known as the sleep hormone.

Serotonin for happiness

Constantly tired and exhausted

Serotonin is the key hormone in our body and a real jack of all trades. It is sort of the boss hormone and an important source of inspiration.

This is because serotonin affects every part of the body. It has an influence on emotions and general performance, is considered a natural mood stabilizer and is therefore also known as a happiness hormone. Serotonin is the messenger substance that helps with eating and digesting as well as with sleeping and waking up.

Serotonin is also the wake and sleep control hormone: It regulates falling asleep and strengthens the cycles among themselves - to avoid waking up at night. As a sleep conductor, serotonin ensures the transitions between the individual sleep phases, so that your sleep structure ideally allows you maximum recovery.

And something else makes serotonin so important:

The important sleep hormone melatonin mentioned at the beginning is only formed from serotonin. So that enough melatonin can be formed in the body, there must also be enough serotonin available. This makes serotonin doubly crucial in this system.

Another important hormone: GABA

In addition to melatonin and serotonin, the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid - GABA for short - is also actively involved in sleep. This inhibitory hormone keeps us in the deep sleep phase for longer , which in turn leads to healthier, more restful sleep.

And you guess it: The neurotransmitter serotonin also has a hand in the effectiveness of GABA. Thus, serotonin stimulates GABA synthesis and supports the work of GABA receptors. More serotonin, better effectiveness of GABA.

How LIEBEN helps

Always tired what to do

So we have now learned how crucial serotonin is as a sleep and wake playmaker in the body. What can you do to ensure that the serotonin level is positively influenced?

There is a clear answer: LIEBEN helps. LIEBEN is German and means LOVE.

In this case, this does not mean the feeling of strong affection, but the abbreviation from light , nourishment . Exercise and nutritional supplements. The four essential building blocks for a targeted, individual increase in serotonin production.


First tip: make sure your body gets enough light.

In the winter months, when the days are short and the sun doesn't always show up, that's easier said than done. But one thing is important to know: our body needs light to be awake. Because the light stimulates the release of the happiness hormone serotonin.

Luminous intensity is measured in lux. Outside we get up to 100,000 lux, inside only up to 10,000. This big difference already shows how important it is that we fill up on light outside.

Alternative option: Bring the summer sun into your home with a daylight lamp! The daylight lamp simulates natural sunlight and thus compensates for a possible lack of light in the dark season. This also gives new energy and well-being!

Ernährung (=Nutrition)

Second tip: Support your serotonin levels with targeted nutrition.

Serotonin is not directly contained in any food. However, it is possible to increase the concentration of serotonin through food indirectly via the serotonin precursor L-tryptophan. The good thing: L-tryptophan is found in many everyday foods.

Fruits such as bananas, dates or figs are recommended for promoting serotonin. However, certain types of vegetables, meat and other animal products such as yoghurt or cheese and oatmeal are also suitable.

This is how much tryptophan is in 100g of these foods:

  • Parmesan Cheese: 490 mg
  • Emmental cheese: 460 mg
  • Soybeans: 450 mg
  • Cashew nuts: 450 mg
  • Edam: 400 mg
  • Wheat germ: 330 mg
  • Peanuts 320: mg
  • Sunflower seeds: 310 mg
  • Porcini mushrooms: 260 mg
  • Lentils: 250 mg
  • Chickpeas: 160 mg

Bewegung (=Movement)

Third tip: move or do sports!

Physical activity also boosts serotonin production. It doesn't matter whether you choose jazz gymnastics, swimming or jogging. The main thing is movement!

And another pro tip: go for a 30-minute walk at lunchtime. That's how you kill two birds with one stone. Even if the sky is overcast, you can get enough sunlight and still be on the move!

Nutritional supplement

Fourth tip: Supplement your diet and activities with special supplements to increase serotonin levels

5-HTP as a direct serotonin precursor
The 5-HTP comes from the African black bean (Griffonia simplicifolia). An advantage over L-tryptophan-based serotonin products is that 5-HTP, the direct precursor of serotonin, reaches the brain and can support serotonin production there faster and more effectively.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D and serotonin are closely related. Vitamin D is formed through exposure to light and can help increase serotonin levels.

More alert & fitter in just 7 days

remedy for tired and sluggish

Yes, with the LIEBEN concept you can do it! Provide light, exercise, good nutrition and, above all, supplement your diet with the appropriate products. You will be amazed at how much more alert and fit you get through the day.

serotalin® ORIGINAL contains 5-HTP from the Griffonia seeds as well as other valuable nutrients, minerals and co-factors. This unique composition ensures that it takes effect quickly - many notice a noticeable change within the first week.

Serotonin tests with tested test methods from cerascreen® were able to determine after 1 week of taking that the serotonin values ​​had almost doubled from a low to a normal level.

Incidentally, the higher the serotonin level, the better. Too high a value is even unhealthy and dangerous . The goal is always a normal serotonin level.

Help, of course

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