Wie kann man Dopaminspiegel erhöhen

How to increase dopamine levels?

Dopamine is one of the best-known and most important messengers in the brain. The neurotransmitter transmits information between nerve cells and is of great importance for the brain's reward system. A dopamine deficiency can impair various bodily functions and cause massive discomfort. However, it is possible to increase the dopamine available in the body.

How to increase dopamine levels?

Dopamin erhöhen

To prevent negative consequences of a dopamine deficiency, it is important to keep the dopamine level at a stable level. There are several options available for this purpose. Which ones are best to increase dopamine depends, among other things, on why the dopamine level is low. For example, if the dopamine deficiency is due to a disease, medication can help compensate for this deficiency. An alternative to this are dietary supplements or foods whose ingredients are needed for the formation of dopamine. The amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine, the precursors of dopamine, are particularly important here. They are found primarily in legumes and animal products such as beef, eggs and dairy products. Omega-3 fatty acids [1], which are an important component of any balanced diet, also promote the release of dopamine.

Dopamin Lebenstil

Low dopamine levels can also be the result of an unhealthy lifestyle with too little sleep and too much stress. In this case, you can increase your dopamine by making sure you get enough (and healthy) sleep, avoiding stress as much as possible, and consciously allowing yourself downtime in your often hectic daily life where you can find peace. Studies show that not only sports such as running or fitness, but also regular yoga can increase dopamine [2]. Relaxation exercises and meditation can also lead to increased dopamine release [3]. Music also activates the reward system, suggesting that there is also a link to the release of dopamine [4]. Finally, sunlight also seems to have a positive effect on dopamine release [5], which you may be able to take advantage of to increase your dopamine.

Conclusion on dopamine levels

A dopamine deficiency can cause health problems of various kinds. To increase dopamine in the body, the main thing is to stimulate dopamine production. Through your behavior, you can contribute to the production of dopamine by eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, avoiding stress, and providing relaxation. If you have an existing dopamine deficiency, it may be useful to increase dopamine levels through dietary supplements or medication.


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